01/09 – Magnums, Steers And Cocas

We recently overhauled our wine list bringing in more value wines and adding some very special wines. A new category for us is magnums and large format bottles like 3l and 5l's. They're special for a variety of reasons primarily they are special to the winemakers and so they make them available in the larger formats for larger parties. Secondarily they are quite beautiful to behold on a table and still show the care and art that goes into the bottle, label and cork-making arts. Some we don't carry in smaller formats at all so they are rare to us indeed and hope you and yours will get a chance to open and share these rare gifts from spain.
We recently had a chance to share a steer from free union grass farm and can't wait to start cooking some delicious stews, smoked shanks and cheeks, and of course make lotsa meatballs and stuffings from the many cuts that come from fresh, primal cuts. This was a pastured animal sustainably raised and conscientiously slaughtered. The difference is always profound for most of us. I look forward to more 'share' projects this year.
With the cold weather we reset our menus and some recipes to adapt to the different energy and environment. You need only look at diners coming in from a 20 degree windy blast to understand. They want warm, comforting food, maybe spicy, definitely out of the wood-fired hearth, followed by and with some rich, lusty reds from old vines. We fire up the cocas this time of year, a spanish flatbread that resembles a pizza. Along with our bread doughs that means wetter doughs, higher oven temps. The results are charry, chewy and thin-crusted. We gin up the brick hearth to around 800 degrees to get maximum spring in the dough and a quick bake without burning up the toppings. Along with some braised veal cheeks, fois gras, brisket or stew w/ chorizo and red beans, the wood-fired dishes are so full of flavor and texture and we hope you help yourself to some simple happiness via the humble wood fire.


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