02/05 – Crazy Winter-Like Weather Wreaking Havoc

Despite the pummeling we've been taking of late by the snow gods on high, we have endeavored to be open most nights so far this January and now February. While i am very happy and excited for the Spring prospects of wild asparagus, mushrooms, ramps, et all that come from moisture-laden soils, enough already! i'm colder than a scantily-clad barbarian in a Frazetta mountain pass skirmish. we're planning to be open this friday and saturday with a full array of tempting tapas including ginormous sea scallops, sweetbreads and shortribs, octopus, stonecrab, baby pig, pizzas, smoked tongue bocadillos and many of your MAS favorites. watch your step outside, drive carefully and when you arrive, we'll take care of the rest. the kitchen never rests.


Mas Tapas

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Phone. 434-979-0990

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