02/07 – Beware Of The Zombies: Jamon And Its Variations

Many articles have been written, and blogs created on, for and in praise of pork, specifically cured versions. The zeitgeist is for sustainably-raised, pastured and forage-fed heritage breeds like the duroc, or iberico, ossabaw, mangalitsa, kurabota, to name a few. Like heirloom tomatoes, these breeds have been dutifully raised to preserve their fabulous qualities and beneficial properties.
Curing preserves a piece of meat and allows for a slow, safe maturation of flavors, aromas, and qualities not present in fresh meat. The cultural traditions and practices, like salting, air-drying, brining, smoking, pickling, have been shown over the course of centuries to be safer and healthier for you than current, industrial food production techniques and protocols that operate within a bio-hazard zone. The diet of the animals is also safer, more intrinsic to the health of the sustainably raised livestock. The final product is cleaner, more flavorful, safer and better for you than your salt-cure-injected, food network celebrity-pimped hormone-addled and antibiotic laden factory animal zombies. Don't get me started.
At mas we serve a variety of cured, traditional as well as in-house fabricated pork, beef and seafood. Whenever possible we will source these raw materials locally, make them ourselves, like merguez or buttifara sausages, lox, briskets, pork bellies, e.G. In the case of jamon serranos, paleta de belotta and chorizo, we source from the best producers in espana. To that end we have procured a new jamon, from the hungarian mangalitsa wooly hogs that are reputed to be similiar in genetics and flavor profile to the iberico, or pata negra hogs of espana. We're excited to try them, as any animal that has forage as a primary part of their diet, the meat will be lush, deeply flavored and higher in oleic acids and omega 3's. We hope you will like them too. Just ask your server for a taste next time you are here.


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