02/09 – Puente De Los Suspiros

I have always contended if you want new ideas you need to harness the power of artists, our most creative thinkers. Community members, along with the civil engineering and architectural practitioners have done just that. The process for a new design for belmont's bridge into downtown cville has been all-hands-on deck affair: with charettes, community meetings, designs galore and ideas aplenty, what will be distilled out of this heady brew of hopes, dreams, and yes, sighs? Well one step will be taken this weekend as ideas from the uva school of architecture's design project will be presented at the music resource center this saturday. Led by recent import iñaki alday, and eduardo arroyo, two of spain's leading young architects, among others, this urban puzzle is an important opportunity for belmont and cville to step out of the shadows of red brick and porticos of the 18th century and into the 21st century to address some of our long-term transportation, pedestrian and community needs. Can a small, motivated village like belmont, with all its history and future-promise, be a fertile ground for the incubation of a new way, approach and rapprochement between neighborhood and urban core, town and gown, pedestrian and automotive, and finally serve as a mediation/meditation between the gritty, messy commutes of the past and present and the audacity of vision in this new process? The world is watching cville, and belmont is once again, leading the way, gladly, joyously to a better future. Join us at mas in saluting the neighborhood activists, uva school of architecture, and city for joining this process - now let's make our own history! Visca belmont!


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