02/11 – Hydration Hydration Hydration

I'm frequently asked to talk about our breadmaking and so i am. Specifically about hydration or how much water we use in our doughs. Because of the type of flours, our brick oven, and the use of natural starters, our doughs are much wetter than commercial or mass-produced doughs and breads with the water content reaching upwards of 80%, like now, with that number moving downward as the weather warms, and humidity rises. Since our doughs spend most of their lives in a cool environment for their ' cold-retarded fementation' they need to be wetter too to prevent too much evaporation during this process. It means a lot of lead time and patience, sticky fingers and a good hard wooden table to work on. After while the forming can take place and we'll get to further proofing in the warm environment of our bread room. More later . . .


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