02/28 – Bread, Ossabaws, Berkshires, Bridges, And Dreams Of A Better Day

We continue to arc away from the cold and dreary towards the hopeful warmth, new growth and renewal of Spring. This means new babies, sprouting buds, flowers, greens and veggies for foodies. The work at vineyards is just beginning meanwhile inside we consider unleashing the vitality we have been storing up by baking buttered doughs, serving up pickles, preserves and confits, pancettas, smoked salmons, jamones, terrines from last season. Always with a nod to the next, the new, the ascendant we use our traditions and methodologies to place consistent quality and detail first, sustainability too, for what is tradition but the ability to continue at high standards without nostalgia or kitsch, craft with depth and purpose, the refinement and distillation of practices to yield, dare i say, the very best of who and what we are.
We, all of us at MAS are so proud of our neighbors for observing the practice of dreaming the unknown and holding a Gait Way competition for designers to re-envision the Belmont traverse from downtown. It showed that together, our dreams are bigger, deeper and more reflective of who we are and that by daring to ask questions and challenge assumptions we strengthen and shore up our collective future. good job!
Finally we'll be receiving a couple of pigs this month for fabrication, an Ossabaw, a very old breed, and a Berkshire, renowned for the juicy marbling of its meat. that means we get to butcher these whole animals using seam butchery making sausages, terrines, hams and braises, rendering our own lard and supporting local farmers who have blessed us with the abundance of their labors. Many thanks to Caromont Farm, Autumn Olive Farm and the Patterson Farm for the love. From the roots of a humble tapas bar we now are receiving and producing so much of our own products and i'm proud to say, never has an industrial tractor trailer shadowed our sidewalks with their poison.


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