03/17 – Recent Garnacha Tastings

Knowing we have a voracious appetite for all things goat, (the new pork belly according to the food hipgeoisie), the Albemarle Nubian Brigade at Caromont Farms is pumping out some tasty cheeses and lo and behold, a few of their own cabritos for us to bring to you. look for them in coming days.
Caromonts Bloomsbury is a creamy, medium-bodied goat cheese w/ chalky white mold rind reminscent of a Camembert or Brie de meaux. the interior is firm yet creamy with no air pockets and the flavor first tangy, then nutty and herbal has a pleasant, clean finish and balanced acidity. less fatty than either French cheese, and certainly less-ammonia in the nose makes this cheese even more user-friendly. along with the Bloomsbury we're featuring the Frais made from Devon cow's milk, a firm, impastata-like white cheese that's spreadable but we'll stuff empanadas and make white pizzas with ours. clean, creamy, unsalted - thanks 2Gail and the girls!


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