03/25 – Tasting And Spitting

We have always endeavored to bring you the best, value-packed wine selections from espana to enhance your mas tapeo experience. Sometimes this is the result of directly contacting vinyeros and producers, sometimes research and development of menus, but mostly we find gems and jewels of the vine through good old-fashioned tasting and spitting. In this way we too learn about varietals, vintages, styles and regions, and what is possible and available by winemakers like carlos fernandez of agricola labastida and bodegas exeo fame.
Recently we were blessed by the addition of two splendid wines from the basque region, tierra fidel's blanca from labastida in rioja, and ameztoi's rubetis txakolina from guipuzqoa. To my knowledge we are the only restaurant in america offering the tierra fidel and the only one in charlottesville with the rubentis. Both of these wines are sterling examples of restraint and exemplify the crisp acidity so often found in wines from northeastern espana, a region of great contrasts, ocean and mountains, with tremendous cultural heritages. You taste soft fruity notes in the mostly white garnacha, mazuela, and viura blanca of melon, kiwi, cinnamon, "un vino meloso, con cuerpo, muy redondo, dándonos en nariz mucha fruta y una complejidad pocas veces encontrada y con unas notas de madera muy bien integradas." and in the rubentis, a 50/50 blend of hondarribi zuri and hondarribi beltza, rhubarb, cassis, with light fizz and carbonation. Please consider these if you are ordering seafood like oysters, clams, or our pan-fried flounder, but also richer foods like smoky pork ribs, veal cheeks, duck confitado, fois gras, or the roasted veal marrow bones. Buen provecho.


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