03/27 – Morels, Ramps And Wild Asparagus!

With Spring rains come delicious earthy treats from the forest in the form of wild Morels, the cousin to truffles, wild garlic known as ramps in these parts or rampos in Espana, and local wild asparagus. The cooling, steady rainfall and mild temperatures coax these delights out of their winter hibernation and onto our tables. We love this time of year specifically because of their basic, essential flavors of woodlands, soil, pungency and sweet tender shoots. MAS features them often wild a plump grain like Farro or spelt from Espana, or with a three-minute duck egg and grey sea salt. try them with a crisp, floral Albarino a lightly aged Oloroso sherry, or go all out with a spicy, minerally Priorato. we think you'll agree that Spring is special.


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