04/03 – Pairing Wines A Waste Of Time?

Recent blogs and 'experts' have weighed in on the benefit & practice of pairing wines with certain foods, sometimes any food. Let's make something very clear, most wine is made to accompany food, i don't care what you read. The pedantic, snobbish character displayed by some sommeliers or vintners is entirely their practice and most producers and chefs would tell you to pick what you like and if you like it, drink it regardless of price, points scored in wine guides, or past reputations. But when you are drinking wine, or any alcoholic beverage with food, why spoil it by pairing a delicate white with asparagus, or vinegary foods, pickled dishes, etc. There is certainly enough creativity in the wine and complexity in the food to accommodate and compliment a wide range of flavors, e.G., port wine with peppery steak, champagne and caviar, or apple cider with grilled fish. Martinis used to be the gold standard for a steak dinner and one i indulge in merrily at steakhouses. Your wine steward, server, bartender or chef should be able to give you a range of choices suited to many outcomes, but not exclusive to one. Believe me, when it works together like oysters and cava, fino sherry with toasted almonds, cabernet sauvignons with steaks, ribera del dueros with grilled lamb and so forth, it's a lightning bolt moment that needs no explanation.
At MAS we believe in no bad choices, only good ingredients and hand-crafted wines, beers, ciders, & cocktails that make the highest grade. "if it grows together it goes together" should be your default guide in selecting wines and foods together. Be adventurous and if you trust your server, bartender, owner or sommelier, if all else fails, let them select for you. Stop listening to the experts who are often wrong and get out there and do some tasting and spitting. Who knows what you'll discover.


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