04/04 – Sustainability In The Face Of Total Annihilation

As we've seen in past years and of late man's ability to damage and despoil nature and natural systems in reaching epic proportions, to wit japan and bp's oil spill in the gulf of mexico. Time is what is needed to allow these systems to recover and we as a country must resist the urge to develop at all costs. The risks should be private but the public ends up holding the bag, again as radioactivity, dispersants, and all forms of concentrated, toxic and half-life compounds and elements remain long after the company or government departs vampire-like, from the scene of the crime, renames itself or re-brands or re-launchs itself out of liability and tort law.
The seemingly inexhaustible abundance of our oceans is now in question, again, and it's important to support sustainable efforts to observe limits, re-establish diversity, and kindly use native species so we're not all eating only snakefish or carp in the immediate future. Where do you buy such seafood?
First, ask your fishmonger, sushi bar or seafood counter - if they don't know you probably shouldn't be shopping or eating there anyways. Few professions have their finger on the pulse more closely than fishing so they know alot or should about their trade. After hurrican katrina i was able to call my broker and get replacement shrimp from clean waters immediately.
Second, use in-season fish, they're fresher, have a much smaller footprint and are better for you than something caught near antarctica and deep frozen for months. This is perishable stuff and the omega-3's and vitamins do dissipate over time i don't care what freezer you use.
Third, support sustainable efforts so they survive economically and it will incentivize others to do the same. Money follows money, and in markets, one good idea is always copied repeatedly. Also support restaurants, bars, taverns, wherever sustainable foods are offered. They too should reap economic benefit for doing the right thing instead of sending it to the megadeath corporation. If we can do it for cute dolphins why not adorable cod, flounder, snapper, bluecrabs, oysters?
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