04/21 – Springtime Arrivals

Just tasted some preserves made from autumn olives (elaeagnus umbellata) a fabulous non-native species that tastes like a mild cranberry and is full of amazing vitamins and minerals. It was a first for me, i've walked by these plants a million times without tasting the bright red berries. Despite their foreign origin, i can only say we are so blessed here in the shenandoah valley with biodiversity and the simple artistry of farmers and producers from every walk of life. It's kinda a chef's dream scenario. From home canning to livestock we can boast a cornucopia second to none. What better way to tame the incursion of invasive species than to eat them especially when they are so chock full of vitamins and minerals. Well at long last we procured the beloved baby fava beans and they've been selling like baby fava beans! Along with the habas we're receiving local asparagus, red kale, green chard, pippin apples, wild mushrooms, spaghetti squash and some very juicy goat racks and shoulder. With the weather a little more stable we'll see more and more evenings out on the patio and our cocido will reflect this outdoor dining with more herbs, chickens, rice dishes, veggies, salads, ceviches, tartares, hot-smoked wild salmon and grass-fed beef. Support your local producers folks and preserve this incredible biomass and diversity of abundance.


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