05/09 – Back To Basics

Fall is here and with it a building optimism for the future projects, paths, provisions and plans. we'll be in Spain for the next several weeks looking, listening, smelling, tasting, meeting and above all else eating and drinking the marvelous regional cuisines that make up Spain. the peoples and languages are where it all starts and inspiration comes easily when so much care, tradition and innovation is integrated in even the smallest thing, custom, craftware, wines and foods. It will be harvest time so I'm really looking forward to what was the 2010-11 creations in oils, nuts, fruits, grapes, and the promise of the future projects. Of course this is where it all began for me many years ago. i go back to the palate of manchego, monte enebro, jamón, olives, sea salt, anchovies, tempranillo, viura, garnacha, bacalao, albariño, pimentón, padron, and cabrito, these flavors are all-encompassing, nourishing, grounding, comforting. whatever happens to Spain these guardian angels will endure.


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