05/14 – Cabritos And The Rights Of Spring

With all the press surrounding local foods and farms, we like to dive a little deeper into the cycle of food coming out of our area farms, especially those that make cheese and wines. so we took delivery today of delicious, organic, local, delicate cabritos, or lechazos, milk-fed-only baby goats from Highland Farms. it is very common in cheese-producing areas that some of the kids are culled out to allow for more milk for cheese production. quite a delicate and pure speciality often enjoyed traditionally in Spain with robust, big-shouldered red wines, we will be offering these for large parties to share, roasted in our brick oven to perfection. a tremendous Spanish treat, they come with bread and vegetables and will feed up to 15 people. if interested, let us know. this is as rustic as it gets folks, and we are humbly honored to be able to offer these beautifully raised goats for your party.


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