06/08 – Late Spring Harvest Bounty

In speaking with local growers this week it looks like we're going to have a bumper crop of goodness this year starting with late spring veggies, livestock and dairy. We're getting our garden in order and i couldn't help but notice with gardener's envy the incredible garden happening at zinc on west main street, where much of their landscaping is devoted to edible produce. That's how you close the loop folks, recycle scraps into compost, compost into soil, soil into edibles, and so on. We are nurturing our pomegranate, lavender, mint and rosemary patches, young tomatoes and peppers are coming on, and i hope to have basil, nasturtiums and cilantro soon. The spring lambs and baby goats so far are stupendous. Cleaning and preparing them you see how pure and fresh the meat is, and my hat is off to caromont, autumn olive, allen's creek, and silky cow farms for the care and conscientious handling of their breeds and livestock. You are great stewards of this beautiful land we share and we salute you. We also want your cheeses so don't forget mas!


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