06/18 – Very Special Guests Announced

By now you may have heard that cville will welcome the very famous tony bourdain and his dashing counterpart eric ripert october 30th at the paramount theater downtown. The two are referred to by my female friends as "the silver foxes" which i'm sure they would find flattering. It should be a fun evening. The night before we will be hosting our very first trimoca harvest feast © with a local pig, goat and lamb roast, plenty of wine and lots of local veggies, fruits and cheeses. The new belmont neighborhood composting initiative should be in full swing by then, garden beds planted and who knows, producing already. It's a joy working in such a great place with so many friendly neighbors whose support, help, advice, recipes, advocacy, home-canned goods, prodding and endless supply of herbs, and of course, tomatoes make all of us feel right at home in this little village.


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