07/18 – Dog Days Of Summer Are Here

On a recent trip to nyc i was blessed with 103 degree weather nearly every day and unrelenting suffocating humidity (not to mention a near-death experience with a crazed cyclist.) but whatta place! Everybody hustles, lotsa interesting faces, places - so much variety. I can proudly say our menus, wines and cocktails can hold their own with the best in our weight class and our staff works and hustles just as hard as big-city staffs. Congratulations mas, you make me proud.
The preponderance of fresh farmer markets in the northeast, especially metropolitan new york is inspiring not just from an ecological, ethical point of view, but culinarily speaking the reintroduction, cultivation & variety of old and heirloom veggies, kind practices, fresh sausages and pastured meats, poultry, dairy and baked goods was astounding. Equally inspiring was how many young people were eschewing the typical corporate job for a taste of green acres. Goodbye times square! Hello compost pile.
Coming home it was a beautiful thing to see horses and cows in pastures, green mountains, and yes, turkey buzzards keeping rhythm to all below in slow sweeping arcs. Decompression, blue skies, and little kids waving to the train as it passed their humble abodes told me i was close to cville and the warm embrace of mas tapas. Of course it was 103 degrees here too so time to eat some melons, ice down the sangria and txakoli and keep a close eye on the ice machine.


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