07/28 – Time, Texture, Tincture

Looking around at other venues in town and out of town, i am dazzled at the time taken and careful assemblage of beautiful textures, plant and animal, in our food both at restaurants and especially at home. More of us are canning and preserving the pure flavors of spring and summer, even taking time to make jellies, vinegars and infusions. the end result of course is stunningly beautiful, total visual, taste, smell and tactile nirvana. Of note i've been reading "Natura" by Albert Adria, one-half of the brother team that brought us "El Bulli" restaurant in Spain, but also "Atelier Crenn" in San Francisco, at the suggestion of Harrison Keevil from Brookville restaurant in Cville. Words despair but here's a few anyways: operatic, primordial, essential, pitch-perfect, and blissful.


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