08/13 – De Verano, Los Perros Y Los Tomates

After the usual withering spring and early summer months we're still standing. Despite record heat and drought. The last cooling rains were most welcome and for the tomato and other veggies still not blighted or burnt, we can expect a few more months of local crops. Look for more greens as the heat lets up, peppers and yes tomatoes, stonefruits, squashes.
Watching the industrial food and gmo community explain why their plans to monoculture everything have failed miserably shows the emptiness of their promise to "feed the world". They are so deeply inculcated into our industrial base that without cheap, modified corn many product lines will be limited or even discontinued in favor of ethanol or plastics. Commodity prices fluctuate wildly, fortunes are made from the unreliability and suffering. This delusional strategy of using corn, and not every corn, only the industrialized, copyrighted versions owned by giants like cargill, monsanto and adm, cannot help but reinforce the idea of permaculture and local, sustainable food chains that feature heirloom and drought-resistant varieties from this bio-region. You'll see none of the pricing surges locally that the industrial folks claim is part of the business and forces livestock and farmers to fight over feed corn and grains. They are so addicted to cheap, enhanced and modified feed they can never turn back from the 'crack' they currently base their entire system on.
With that hand-in-hand goes antibiotics, hormones and other 'therapies' intended sometimes for humans but now part of the system for propping up stressed, sick and unhealthy animals into the national and international food chains. The fda is completely outgunned, undermanned and underfunded to deal with the consequences of these decisions as they ripple through our food chains wreaking havoc. Researchers now can point to several of these pharmaceutical and chemical strategies as responsible for such highly drug-resistant pathogens in our environment which in turn brings on even more poisonous, insidious chemicals and treatments to deal with a growing 'superbug' problem.
Foraged and pastured herds, flocks, gaggles don't need gmo corn to get by and fatten them for market. They also don't need the level of antibiotic and hormone therapies to cope with filthy and over-crowded living conditions, and the stress of over-production industrial practices demand to get their investment returns. In many ways we feed and house our livestock like our citizens with foods that keep them in a state of hunger and dehydration, bloating them on cheap carbs with little or no exercise before market.
So please support your local csa's and farmers' markets, get to know your neighbors, learn how to make preserves, canning and pickling all summer and fall. Let's not give in to the temptation for cheap, drug-spiked foods that only help greedy corporate conglomerates' bottom lines.


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