08/15 – Summer Fun, Summer's Begun

Well hopefully everyone survived another round of 'death weather', your gardens are soaked but debris-laden and perhaps you have power again. If there was ever an argument for smaller, more integrative and intensive farming this weather was it. rather than stake everything on energy-intensive, petroleum-based monocultures, chemical-laden fields and manure choked stockyards, that wash-out creating the nightmarish algal blooms/red tides in the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sounds, e.g., smaller, species and technique-varied farms, plots and urban gardens are unmatched for their productivity, sustainability and quality of results. we are blessed to have so many around us in our foodshed - please continue to support them and treat your family to wholesome, nutrient-dense foods that don't require a tractor trailer to bring to market. and keep composting, your garden will thank you.


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