09/01 – Winter Season's Bounty

With the return of Winter we find that local farms are beginning their transformation into preparations for the Spring, vineyards have completed their harvests, with the remaining cold-weather crops still growing for harvest. we've been receiving kubotcha pumpkins, gala apples, brussel sprouts, collards, last of the sweet peppers, last of the padron peppers, with radicchio, chard, kale and more pumpkins on the horizon. chickens, ducks, baby goats, quail and rabbits aren't far behind. we also received over 100 pounds of pawpaws, an intoxicating native fruit like a cross between a ripe pear and a mango. we'll be trying to make some custards out of these ancient and delicious fruits.
The change of season also means a return to more slowly-cooked, richer and more substantial cocino like our Nieman's Ranch pork cheeks, creamy pumpkin bisque, leeks roasted in duck fat and saffron, brussels sprouts simmered in heavy cream, fresh thyme and smoked bacon, cold-smoked Coho Salmon, rabbit confitado with fennel, Manilla clams in a spicy green mole, and of course, our wood-fired cocas (crispy, smoky flatbreads). the lush green Spring made this year truly green and perhaps next year we'll see a nice wet Spring as well.


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