11/09 – Winter Pantry

Leaves are falling, first frost is here and we're starting to see the abundance of richer, more mature foods come to the table. Line-caught Albacore tunas, a staple of Spanish cuisine, and Eastern Rockfish have been gorging on anchovies, crabs & minnows in preparation for their migratory journey and it shows in their size, flavor and numbers as they shoal near our coasts. don't forget the marvelous selection of shellfish too like the Stone Crab claws, Mussels, Clams and oysters that have been eating plankton and storing up for the winter. the gorgeous greens, pumpkins, squashes, potatoes, late garlic are coming in now, along with ducks and chickens and later turkeys. we are blessed with abundance in the Shenandoah Valley and i'm quite sure you'll agree that the ingredients we are able to offer are second to none. come and enjoy the harvest with us and look for our oyster tasting dinner coming in early December.


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