11/23 – Winter is Wonderful For Spanish Wines

At MAS we are not content to sit and wait for Springtime and have been busy tasting and selecting new wines, sherries, and brandies to enhance your tapas experience at MAS. The new selections all have one thing in common - they are delicious! from simple, by-the-glass value wines to a new exotic French varietal from Lebanon, all selections are very food-friendly, many fruit-forward, and some sublimely smooth and elegant from barrel-aging. we think you'll agree that there is something for everyone on our list from earthy, biodynamic and organic wines to sparkling, light effervescent cavas and rosados. we also made an effort to represent the older, more suave old-style wines that don't come on strong from the nose but are more subtle in their aromas and how they feel texture-wise. these should all be released by December.


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