11/25 – MAS Seating Policy Redux

I have recently received several exasperated comments about out seating policy, so let me elaborate on how it works. We do not accept reservations, for any reason, because we reward those who are actually here at mas, and do not allow for favoritism, table-holding, call-aheads, or any other last-minute reservation trolling techniques. What you see is what you get. Our lower room accomodates private parties of 25 or more by arrangement beforehand. Our policy stipulates that when you arrive we then place you in line for seating , and then seat you according to the order you arrive. Sometimes this takes longer than you expect, and we cannot prevent that. Seating is also determined based upon how many are in your party, whether or not they are actually there to be seated (no call-aheads), inside or out in warm weather, and until december 1st 2009, smoking or non-smoking. Since we do not limit people's time on a table you may find that turnover is longer than expected. Such is life when you are having a good time, eating remarkable food, drinking delicious wines and adult beverages. We will never give you an arrival time or seating time because it is impossible. What we can do is with total honesty, tell you what the outlook is for a table or bar seat, and not deviate from that. This entire process is based upon trust so you must trust us when we are trying to put you in the mix. I realize, after seven years of frustrated comments, that this is not what some people want to hear. Especially when it comes to smaller parties wanting a big party table. We'll put two smaller parties together if they are amenable, and this happens often.
But the truth is, if you come to a busy restaurant, on a busy night, you cannot expect them to carve out a space for your party in the midst of such demand. Be patient, behave, and patiently wait your turn. It will come. The most fun part of visiting spain's still-thriving tapas joints are the crowds, cheek to jowl, clamoring for food, sangria, cider, food! It's often done without any seating at all, just space to get a shoulder towards the bartender or cook, or close enough to grab some snails or tortilla sitting on the bar. Like spain, we serve you while you are waiting, then transfer everything to your table so you are never empty-handed when at mas. Just remember, we open at 5.30 but serve a full menu until the wee hours of the morning. Most people in charlottesville like to eat at 8 pm. It defies explanation but everywhere in town has the same problems. Because we serve later than most spots, we offer a wider range of seating options should time be a concern.
We are thrilled for each and every customer that walks throught the door, rest assured we are doing our best to get you to your desired seating option, with food and drinks, as soon as is possible.


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