11/30 – MAS And Marion Kingdon

MAS, and charlottesville has lost one of it dearest and most talented friends, marion kingdon. Marion was instrumental in helping mas from its inception on the drawing board, shepherding mas through the birthing process and establishing it as one of charlottesville's most unique destinations. I could never do her justice in such a small space but she was loved by all. Her dedication to mas was without question as we spent many cold days in our warehouse staging area plotting and planning our creation. I don't know what i would have done without her resolute and positive contributions which ranged from the sublime of estate antique silverplate flatwear and sterling candlelabras on the concrete bar, to her input as we developed the innovative menu of tapas and brought pbr on draft back to charlottesville's working classes. Marion loved belmont so much that she and her husband jim bought and remodeled a lovely house down the street from mas where they have been raising their young son john, a prolific devourer of mas tapas lamb chops, broccolini and gambas al parilla.
Always ready to help whoever was in need, she displayed an unselfish, generous and kind spirit with a genteel and elegant flair. Many may remember her boutique, "golightly" where she often schooled me on pocketbook issues and audrey hepburn. I'd like to think she and audrey would have gotten along famously. Her wit and wisdom, media savvy and love of family, good wine, life and friends endeared marion to all who knew her. She was a friend, a great mom, loving wife, a founder and a dear friend and we will sorely miss her. Tomas.


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