12/04 – Wendell Berry And The Art Of Sustainable Living

It's rare when i get to look back on all that has passed in Charlottesville for the past 20 years i have been a part of this village/town/community, but last night was definitely the high point of a very eclectic experience. I've been blessed to have been around town for Kurt Vonnegut, Fumihiko Maki, the Dali Llama, several presidents, Howard Zinn, Geraldine Brooks, Derek Walcott, Noam Chomsky, and many other distinguished giants in their fields. Last night MAS hosted a dinner for Wendell Berry, American author and spokesperson for sustainable agriculture and intelligent discussion of the issues of the day. With the generous support of The Bridge Arts Initiative and UVA's Brown College, and many of our area's best organic and sustainable farms, MAS prepared a seven course meal with locally produced ciders, organic wines and desserts.
A bona fide original like Thomas Jefferson, Wendell Berry is a writer, farmer, father, mentor and activist for sustainable development for the past 50 years, Wendell Berry epitomizes the true spirit of innovation, respect for the land and the culture it supports. Along with Wendell Berry representatives from SubRosa bakery, Manakintowne Growers, Charlottesville Food Hub, Feast!, Roundabout Farm, Polyface Farm, Perfect Flavor Creamery, Elena Day Pastries, Planet Earth Diversified were on hand to join the salute and break bread with this pioneer from Kentucky.
Unanimously we felt that the night was special, even magical in that the intimacy in which we were celebrate his accomplishments, meet him, and isalute his inspirational body of work. If you are interested in this event or Wendell Berry i encourage you to contact The Bridge Arts Initiative, or your local bookstore for some of his works.


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