12/05 – Nuestros Postres Nuevos

With the changing weather we like to change our recipes for bread and desserts in seemingly subtle ways, namely moisture and flour type. The lighter whiter organic flour is out and the harder, high gluten red winter wheat is in. More spring water in the recipe means wetter doughs and higher brick hearth temps, like 750 degrees worth. So you'll notice a bit more charring on the exterior of the bread because it goes in to a much hotter oven, and wetter doughs mean more browning. So, relax, no one has 'burned' your bread carelessly, it's just more caramelization of the glutens with less margin of error of our summer breads. The interior is a soft, silky texture as a result of the crusty exterior and higher water content. On to new stuff: we working on our first non-gluten loaves using spelt and chickpea flours, and a couple of fun old-fashioned desserts, whiskey pie and home-made vegan oreos w/ espresso brulee. At a tasting on sunday they both scored big points. Let us know what you think.


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