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C5 new music


It should come as no surprise that a restaurant serving spanish tapas and traditional foods should talk alot about olives. The meat, the oil, the stone, all have vital roles in the economies and histories of the world, and still do. At mas the olive is our first gift to you, a humble taste of what a dry, arid and rocky environment like spain's can produce.


mas was conceived by chef tomas rahal both as an antidote for the growing corporate fast-food presence in charlottesville, and as an opportunity to feature slow, organic, artisinal foods and wines, especially those from spain. emphasizing simple, well-made ingredients served in a casual neighborhood setting. mas features much of the traditional fare of spanish tapas, a bite-sized dish eaten between larger meals. these snacks are often eaten in groups, sharing dishes communally and without any pretense or formality. 


Mas Tapas

904 Monticello Road,

Charlottesville, VA 22902

Phone. 434-979-0990

Email. info@mastapas.com

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Monday - Saturday 
5:30 PM to 1:00 AM