glass of red wine
glass of red wine


Once upon a time, a sleepy farm known as Belmont, this area east and south of downtown charlottesville is in the midst of a renaissance of redevelopment. Following the creation of mas in 2002-2003, this working-class neighborhood has blossomed with coffee shops, galleries, a hostel and new found popularity for those who enjoy wandering from the beaten path. The new found vitality of Belmont is also due to the inspired work of community activists and neighbors working to develop a sound and sustainable urban neighborhood. Mas is a proud supporter...

Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC)
Second Street Gallery (SSG)
Clark Elementary School Literacy Programs/Books on Bikes
City Schoolyard Garden (CSG)
Belmont Carlton Neighborhood Association (BNCA)
Soccer Organization Charlottesville Area (SOCA)
The Bridge PAI

We are mostly visitors to Belmont and need to follow a few simple protocols to leave as small a footprint as possible. One, don't park where you shouldn't or you risk towing and worse, blocking in neighbors and residents. Two, don't litter or get your "pre-pre" on at our restaurants and bars. They all serve alcohol and no one wants intoxicated pedestrians staggering from venue to venue. Including your litter no trash should hit the ground and we should all leave belmont the way we entered it, clean and everything in its place. As guests of the neighborhood, we should never forget that when we leave, neighbors still have the to face the consequences of our visit. And last but not least, noise and disturbances should not ever rise to the level of disturbing residents. Whether you grew up in the city or are new to the neighborhood, please respect the relative quiet neighbors enjoy and don't intrude on their evening. It is not reasonable to expect residents to endure our presence as the cost of living in the city or any locale. It all starts with how you would like to be treated at your home. And finally, if i may, ride your bike, we are working on providing a secure rack but until then we encourage everyone to leave their cars at home and velo-commute to mas. I know it's hard, but four of my staff are are doing it now and we couldn't be prouder. 

Open Carry of firearms is prohibited at MAS Tapas. We encourage all legally-licensed owners to leave their weapons at home or in their vehicles before entering the premises.

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways


Mas Tapas

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