glass of red wine
glass of red wine

About Mas

Our History

MAS was conceived by Chef Tomas Rahal both as an antidote for the growing corporate fast-food presence in Charlottesville, and as an opportunity to feature slow, organic, artisanal foods and wines, especially those from Spain. Emphasizing simple, well-made ingredients served in a casual neighborhood setting, MAS features much of the traditional fare of Spanish tapas; a bite-sized dish eaten between larger meals. These snacks are often eaten in groups, sharing dishes communally and without any pretense or formality.

Why Spain? As an inspiration, Spain uniquely blends cultural fusions such as Arabic, African, European and Asian cuisines in both traditional and cutting edge food explorations. MAS’ foods and wines establish a vernacular of flavors, and essential tastes that follow traditional cuisines while exploring new, innovative styles and techniques. MAS uniquely features wood-fired artisanal brick oven breads, pastries and slow-cooked braises of colchinillo asado, fresh seafood, and paellas.

A menu in touch with the traditional foods of Spain, Europe and the Mediterranean, we provide an opportunity to feature many of the locally produced organic foods and farm products including veggies, meats, honeys, grains, herbs and plants. From the first olive to the last sip of wine, MAS strives to exceed your expectations in every aspect of service. At MAS we are concerned with the craft of cooking, where the kitchen is a laboratory but not a science experiment. Our outcomes can never really be in doubt, reliability is a must and repetition the stone we sharpen our skills upon. MAS is a participant in the Charlottesville/Blue Ridge Locavore community, and a charter member of the Piedmont Environmental Council’s Farm Fresh to Table program


Mas Tapas

904 Monticello Road,

Charlottesville, VA 22902

Phone. 434-979-0990



Tuesday thru Saturday


Last Seating Tues + Wed at 9:00pm

Last Seating Thurs - Sat at 9:15pm