glass of red wine
glass of red wine


Alioli (Garlic And Olive Oil Sauce)

Alioli is a labor of love. Give yourself a good half hour to make this properly. Begin with 6 chilled, separated eggs, 4 pints of extra virgin olive oil, one dozen garlic cloves riced through a garlic press, seasalt, juice of one lemon, black pepper, cold water. Place egg yolks in a mixing bowl or mortar and pestle, add crushed garlic and begin mixing at low speed until well blended (much like when you 'cream' sugar and butter for a cake),and fluffy. Then continue mixing while you drizzle oil into the egg and garlic continuously but never allow the oil to pool. When volume doubles add a splash of lemon juice, pinch of salt and pepper and continue adding oil until finished. If mixture thickens to peaks thin with lemon and water again, salt and pepper. When done the alioli should be consistency of creme fraiche but not like commercial mayo.


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