glass of red wine
glass of red wine


Tortilla Espanola (Potato And Egg Tortilla)

Clean and peel one dozen yukon gold or firm, fresh potatoes, then slice into 1/16 inch thick slices (about the thickness of bacon). Likewise, peel and cut a whole yellow onion into half-moons, same thickness as the potatoes. Heat one cup of virgin olive oil to medium temp (below smoke point) in a large 10-12" sautee or paella pan, sautee one whole garlic clove first, remove and discard, then onion slices, remove from oil and reserve. Then place potatoes down in oil until all are covered or at least very wet from oil. Sprinkle w/ white pepper and turn heat down to low. Allow to steep in oil until nearly done, remove from oil. Place potatoes, onion, and one dozen beaten whole eggs together in largemixing bowl, stir with spoon until well-mixed, then return to oil in pan carefully, if it is over the top you can remove some of the mix and cook in a smaller pan for the kids. Jiggle the large pan to settle potatoes to level, heat should be on low, allow to cook on first side for 30-45 minutes, depending on your stove's cooking ability. Place a pan lid or flat plate over large pan and flip over and invert onto lid/plate, then slide carefully back into pan to cook other side for the same amount of time or until potatoes are golden brown and fork-tender. Allow tortilla to rest for 30 minutes before cutting. Sprinkle sea salt liberally over the top, and serve.


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